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Workshops in Moskow and Munich with artists, technologists und scientists from Russia and Germany.

Project Information


Yuri Leiderman, Georgij Lititchevsky, Alexander Shaburov, Sergeij Shutov, Constantin Zvezdochotov, Birgit Ramsauer


artcircolo, Vodafone Group R&D Germany, Walter Schütz, FutureCarbon GmbH


Serafine Lindemann


Moskau und München, November 2002 bis Februar 2003

project partner

Universität Moskau und Prof. Victor Avdeev, Unichimetek; Gorbatschow Stiftung, Moskau

“Overtures” is an event framework for communication and future-oriented projects with a focus on life resources. The projects initiate a lasting dialogue between art, science, technology and industry. In workshops in Moscow and Munich artists, technologists and scientists from Russia and Germany query both the historical meaning and the industrial processes that lead to the products of carbon, one of Russia’s greatest natural resources. Its history and its influence on how we arrange our life space are the topic for various art projects, which were developed as a result of the interdisciplinary dialogue.

Project outlines

Yuri Leiderman (1963, Moscow)


"Don´t burn or waste Carbon (natural gas),because the resource is limited!"
As well following recently the slogan "transform geopolitics into geopoetics" Leiderman combines the two thesis and comes to the conclusion: Geopoetics = "geology" + "poetics" = waste resources (burning gas) + waste talks. The idea will be presented by a "living" sculpture on a flaming pedestal, on whose top there sit two Georgians bending to each other they are low talking about something in a friendly, confident way. The message is specially wide, but unclear -- waste historical references, waste anecdotes, waste talks about waste of burning gas.

Sergej Shutov (1953, Moscow)

Gravionix (The Victory upon Gravitation – the Victory upon Sun)

A gigantic spiral soars into the sky: it is the sign for progress and points to the distant future. The spiral conveys the impression of a heavy steel structure suspended ominously over the streets. But, because of its carbon material, the atoms of this molecule are so light, that they sway in the wind like balloons filled with air.

Constantin Zvezdochotov (1958, Moskau) 

Shakhty or On Miners’ Day The well-known Russian mining town Shakhty with its miners, who were celebrated as heroes during Soviet times, stand in the centre of this piece. With his larger than life matchbox displaying the picture of a miner, Zvezdochotov addresses not only the origin of carbon and coal and the beginning of the carbon industry, but also its sociological and historical context. The matchbox, approximately 8 m in height, stands as a monument for miners, surrounded by small kitschy garden gnomes, singing “The miners’ song” and pointing ironically at the affluent existence of the “small” man.

Yuri Leiderman (1963, Moskau)

An observation platform, enabling us to look into the future - just like the one that was formerly standing in the end of Bellevuestrasse for those who wised to have a look over the Wall at the Eastern Berlin. A staircase leads to the private club with cinema hall, where a series of short humorous video gags is shown, describing the past, the present and the future of carbon.